Fantasy. Science Fiction. Horror. Wierd.
It’s all pretty dark.

I only recently started writing, to stave off the encroaching feeling of isolation in face of impending doom during the lockdown. At the time of writing this, my inner author is merely a year old even though the rest of me has seen half a century. My stories are in English even though this is not my first language.

I write in spurts every so often; the rare instances when I have both some spare time in between my paid jobs and when the mood to write overcomes me.
Being short on time, I favour shorter fiction.

I am what is called a discovery writer, or panzer. I cannot outline for the life of me. This leads to my having many stories that go nowhere and will remain unfinished forever more.

The obligatory drawer of unpublished stories is slowly filling. The abandoned and unfinished. The doomed and the damned. Stories that should never see the light of day. Stories with problems and weaknesses. Stories that somehow get completed.

This website will showcase a few of them, warts and all.

And yes, the pen name is also a pun name.

-Tom Trussel

Read the stories as posts

Presented in reverse chronological order like a traditional blog.


are short stories of exactly 100 words, excluding the title.

Some have even been published. In proper books. By professional publishers. Which would mean that either the stories actually are good, or the publishers desperate for content. If you buy the anthologies they appear in, you can be the judge of that. Amazon links can be found in Published Works.

Flash Fiction

are short stories of less than 1000 words.

Short Stories

more than 1000 words.


I do not have the time nor patience for writing novels.
I do have a few ideas though. Maybe someday.

All stories ©2020-2021 Tom Trussel. All rights reserved.

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