Search Party

A horror-themed drabble, published in Trembling with Fear online, the week of December 19th, 2021

Search Party

Another little group of hikers has gone missing in the forest. City folks failing the easiest challenge nature can present; follow the path to the rented cabin. The woods can be dangerous after dark. Us locals volunteer for search parties, again.

We walk line abreast, methodically searching. Our dogs rummage for scent between dancing pools of stark flashlight. Can we locate them in time?

A few miles in, the dogs mark the spoor, excited. We find the lost hikers. Cold and hungry, but relieved.

With our sacrifice in hand, the rituals can continue.

We’ll just say we never found them. 

The New Gods

A historically themed drabble, published in the anthology Rise and Fall: Drabbles of the Birth and Death of Civilisations, to published by Nordic Press, (formerly Breaking Rules Europe) February 16th, 2022

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They, too, make nice promotional graphics for use on social media.

The story will be posted here some time after the exclusivity period is up.


A horror themed drabble. Published in the anthology Under the Big Top: Festival of Fear Drabbles 1 by Black Ink Fiction, released October 30th, 2021

Carousel was my very first drabble to be accepted for publication in a printed anthology, but the second to be published if you go by publication date.

They even made a promotional graphic for me to use on social media.

The story will be posted here some time after the exclusivity period is up.

Hells Bells

The bells of the great tower have fallen silent, years of funding cuts caught up at last. Bribes, intimidation and a computer hack secure the refurbishment contract for the Darkpact Builders Co.

Specialist builders are shipped in to toil around the clock. Often heard but never seen, they work for years behind dark scaffolding.

New year’s eve. Party time. Thousands gather to hear the famous bells toll once more. The impatient crowds count down together. Three! Two! One!

DOOM! Discordant knells resound. DOOM! Waking the darkness within. DOOM! The crowds go wild. DOOM! The city burns as the madness spreads.

This horror themed drabble was published in 666: Dark Drabbles by Black Hare Press, 2021

It was my second drabble to be accepted by a publisher for inclusion in a printed anthology, but the first to actually appear in print, on August 31st, 2021.

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